Meet the people behind the dream.

                                                                                 BRANDON McWILLIAMS

                                                                                                                       Executive Director



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Brandon was raised in Lincoln, NE graduating from Lincoln High School in 2006. His opportunity to go to college came from a football scholarship allowing him to attend Peru State. Brandon struggled to identify a dream he wanted to accomplish, leading him on a journey to multiple universities in an attempt to stay on the football field. He eventually landed at Concordia University. With injuries keeping him off the field, different professors challenged him to focus on life goals leading to Brandon graduating with a degree in psychology. These experiences helped Brandon shape his passion behind MwD, creating an environment where students can explore options at an early age while being encouraged to believe they can achieve their goals. "Providing opportunities for students to experience their dreams, will keep them motivated to complete the hard work step by step to get there". 


                                                                                 MITCHELL WEST

                                                                                                                       Director of Operations I Internship Coordinator



Mitch West was also raised in Lincoln, NE graduating from Lincoln Southeast High School in 2006.  All of his life he struggled both mentally and physically being in and out of hospitals his entire life.  The Arts became a way for him to express himself which ended up fueling his entrepreneurial and creative spirit even more. In 2009 he moved to Minneapolis, MN to attend The Institute of Production and Recording graduating in 2011 with a degree in Music, Arts, and Entertainment Business.  Having a knack for business, Mitch helped re-charter two different fraternities one being at The University of Nebraska Lincoln and the other at The University of Minnesota. Today Mitch is back in Lincoln for good doing Music Production, Concert Photography, and various publication work. 


Ian Alfieri

2018 Fall Intern

(Activator, Adaptability, Developer, Empathy, Positivity)

Ian is senior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln studying psychology with minors in child, youth, and family Studies as well philosophy. Constantly searching for the best place to aid and inspire others to greatness, he can also be seen skate boarding to local coffee shops or heading to various concerts with his fraternity brothers. He has been on three international mission trips where he aided in the construction of homes in the mountains of northeast Mexico and helped take care of children at a boys home in Cambodia. It was these experiences that drove Ian to find more local opportunities where he can work with people to find what makes them truly fulfilled. Ian's own personal goal entering his final year at UNL is to be good, do good, and spread good wherever he goes.


Madden Sharrett

2018 Fall Intern

(Adaptability, Belief, Developer, Empathy, Learner)

Madden is a senior at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln studying political science and sociology with a minor in criminology and criminal justice. Looking to spread good and positivity, she can be seen working out or going on road trips with her sorority sisters in her free time.  She has found her passion for helping others through volunteering with Girl Scouts at Clinton Elementary and coaching youths in track and field. It was these volunteer experiences that drove Madden to find local opportunities to help youth within the community strive to be their greatest.


Brian Adams (President) - UBS Financial Services

 Gina Cotton (VP) - Independent Contractor 

Terry Neddenriep - Retired LPS Principal

Michelle Suarez - Prosper Lincoln

Greg Mendoza - Mittelstadt Agency

Josh Baldwin -  The NBC Bank

Tony Goins - Owner of Capital Cigar

Aaron Davis - Owner/Aaron Davis Presentations