Men With Dreams employs five unique pillars to best engage boys and girls. We put our students first, encourage creativity, and emphasize goal-setting to equip our youth with the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve their goals. Below is a list of the programs we've offered to empower today's youth and to build tomorrow's leaders.


Brick by Brick

At the Lincoln Juvenile Detention Center Men With Dreams empowers the youth to believe they can achieve their dreams.  It is not easy to engage students while incarcerated however, Men With Dreams moves forward with courage and empowers them to aspire to be great.  It is important to show the youth that exploring options is important.

All School Assemblies

At assemblies Men With Dreams reaches and empowers 600+ youth using our 5 core values.  When conducting all school assemblies, Men With Dreams inspires youth to believe they can achieve their dreams.   Inspiring the youth to engage in their goals, school and education courageously is of great importance.

Dream Team

The “Dream Team” is an opportunity to work directly with high school students, who are the ambassadors for both their schools and Men With Dreams.  It is our job to engage our dream team and teach the youth how to engage our community and become mentors to the students we serve. 


Teaching the youth to believe they can achieve the goal they're set in from of them is fulfilling.  In each task the youth engage in, whether it be singing, dancing or playing an instrument, they are empowered to engage courageously.  When the youth are presenting a talent, Men With Dreams empowers the youth to aspire to be great and to do everything to their best ability.  At each event, Men With Dreams provides the youth with an outlet to live their dream today.  Men With Dreams, informs the youth that there are 9 to 5 jobs as well as other options that allow them to make a living while living out their dream.  Challenges are presented at events each time, whether it be dealing with confidence or stage fright.  However, persevering through obstacles makes you stronger.  This is why Men With Dreams stresses the importance of so preserving through obstacles, because we want the youth to be strong and courageous.


Through partnership programs Men With Dreams will get to empower students who we may not have direct contact with, along with those who we've impacted in past assemblies.  Here, Men With Dreams inspires the students to believe they can achieve anything they put their mind to.  Men With Dreams empowers the students to engage in their goals and dreams courageously.  Men With Dreams lives to inspire youth to be great.  It comes with the mission of empowering today's youth to be tomorrow's leaders.  Teaching the youth about the different options to explore is an important piece to our mentoring.  With the partnerships Men With Dreams will get to share the importance of persevering through obstacles.