Men With Dreams employs four unique programs to best engage boys and girls. We put our students first, encourage creativity, and emphasize goal-setting to equip our dreamers with the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve their goals. Below is a list of the programs we've offered to empower today's youth and to build tomorrow's leaders.


Dreamers Academy

Dreamers Academy is a 3 step 12 week program held at the Men With Dreams office in downtown Lincoln, NE.  The academy is built around the "Name It, Claim It, and Aim It" process put together using the Gallup Strength Finders Program.  Each step, starting with "Name it" is 1 class each week for 4 weeks that run a total of 12 weeks.   By the end of the program students get to name their strengths, aim their strengths, and aim their strengths.   

Brick By Brick 

Group mentoring sessions at Lincolns Juvenile Detention Center for grade levels 8th through 12th focusing on relationship building, individual goals, and dreams.  Once these have been identified, our mentors will educate and help each student build a path to achieve them.

 Young Visionaries

Customized mentorship programs mixing both athletic activities, dream building exercises, and leadership development for grades 1st through 8th.  These are held during and after school throughout the school year. 

Dreams Are Possible

"Dreams Are Possible" is a Men With Dreams speaking engagement which aims to inspire kids of all ages and all grade levels.  We want to let them know their dreams are in fact possible.  Each event brings our very own Big Ten medal award winning athlete Chris Phipps who graduated from The University of Nebraska Lincoln along with a Dj, Music, and Lights to really help make this a unique, engaging and must attend event for students.  From auditoriums to gyms, we make sure each occasion is unique and special.  Each message and event is catered towards each individual schools mission and goals set out for their faculty, staff, and students.  This is an opportunity to engage large groups of students in a fun and entertaining atmosphere.  Let us know how we can plan one for your school!