The Men With Dreams Story



“You can’t be whatever you want to be, but you can be more of what you already are"

-Don Clifton


Founded in 2013, Men With Dreams was built around one mission:  To empower today’s boys and girls to become the men and woman leaders of tomorrow.  Since it’s start, Men With Dreams has been able to help kids grow, find what their strengths are, what they’re good at, and how they can build upon them.  We do this by practices set in play using The Gallup Strengths Finders program.  We empower the boys and girls of today to become the strong men and women of tomorrow through various in and after school programs and events we put together. The youth who complete our programs leave knowing that the future is in their hands, and that they have all the tools and knowledge required to turn their dreams into a reality.  Our Men With Dreams kids not only have the opportunity to grow but also play a crucial role in coming up with and putting on various events such as talent shows, fashion shows, music camps, etc.  In the future we hope to spread our reach further across not just this state, but regionally, and even nationally.