Which Path To Choose...

As we go through life we are faced with many decision.  Should I go to work or not?  Should I go to school or not?  Should I make this decision or that decision?  We are always faced with a choice to make.  It’s rather challenging at times.  I believe the most challenging decision is when it has to do with our future.  What do our futures hold for us?  The uncertainty can cause anxiety causing us to choose the “safer route”, so we coin it to be.   

When I graduated from The University of Nebraska Lincoln with my Masters Degree in Higher Education Administration, I was offered a job.  A full time job that most would have jumped on however, me on the other hand I had an idea and that idea consisted of me being happy.  Although, uncertain of what that path had in store for me, I knew that it had happiness, freedom and serenity written on both sides of the walls that lit this path.  

This path has not been easy, it has presented challenges that I would have never imagined however, it was a choice I made and a choice I choose to embrace.  My passion is being lived out each day.  I smile each day I walk into my office and I know that I am doing what I have been created for.  

So will you choose your happiness?  Will you choose to work on your dream or the dream of someone else?  Take that leap of faith!  Life is about leaping and growing your wings on the way down.  I did it, I’m doing it, people have done it, why can’t you?  

Ask yourself these questions: What is truly safe when referring to your happiness, serenity and freedom?  Will we continue to sacrifice our peace for safety?   Questions to ask yourself as you look within.  

What path will you choose?  

-Chris Phipps (Assistant Director of MWD)