During my childhood I was fortunate to have many different role models and people to tell me to “go for it, and reach for the stars”, and this was something I recently have come to appreciate even more. While I was growing up my father was gone at least half of the year for work and though he has done a great job, the biggest thing I needed while he was gone was another positive role model or something or someone to give me a way to be inspired and let me know that I can do whatever I set my mind to.

Also I was very fortunate to have many coaches through sports and individuals in the community who took the time to get to know me and help me to do anything that I wanted and achieve whatever I could. 

I am truly grateful for those people in my life and as I looked back on them I thought wouldn’t it be nice to get involved and be able to help others the same way. The issue was figuring out how I could help make an impact and then one day I heard about Men With Dreams and went in for an interview.

That is easily one of the best decision I have made, because now not only do I have another family through Men With Dreams which is probably the coolest group of people you’ll ever meet, but now I have the ability and network to be able to impact the community and help others realize their strengths.

Overall my message is simple no matter what be thankful for the people in your life that inspire you and use your strengths to inspire others and continue the trend, because you never know the power that just a little encouragement and inspiration can have!!!


-Dalton Renner (MWD Intern)