I remember the week leading up to my last college football game. I was finally healthy and ready to leave my mark on the program. Before we could leave for the trip to go to the game coach was introducing all of the seniors and talking about what that meant to the program. He talked about everyone and how they were such an asset to the football team.


I was last so I thought he was going to say something elaborate for the last senior. He said this is Preston Harris been a part of the program for quite a while and is from Lincoln. He severely under valued my impact on the team and for the program. He also really pissed me off, almost everyone left who I started with except for the other defensive back that didn’t play and got a better speech then me.


My focus changed from leaving my mark on the program to getting drunk and having a fun on the way back. This was the only game my girlfriend and family can to and I played like shit. I didn’t care about it anymore, even though I wanted to play football at the next level, I no longer wanted to play for them.


That game is the only thing that I regret about my college football experience. I was one vote short of being an All American, which I would have easily gotten if was engaged. The moral of the story is simple!


Don’t let someone else’s opinion of you affect your reality. I had no control over what my coaches said, but I did have control over how I approached that game. Savor every moment that you have the opportunity to participate in athletics. Don’t let the stuff on the outside; effect how you feel about the game on the inside. Put your best foot forward always; show them why you’re the best.


Nobody has the power to undervalue you because you’re the only one who determines your value!