As we walk through this life, I have realized that you are only as strong as the people around you. Iron Sharpens Iron on the football field good players usually find other good players to work out and train with. They like to be around people who push them and challenge them to be better.


I think about that with my business, and what types of people we want to have on our team.  There has to be a balance of people with different strengths to challenge, push and submit at the right times. To lead this group you have to be humble enough to step by and let the team, you put together get to work.


I’m talented but I will never be able to accomplish what I am capable of until I have the proper team around me. I am so thankful, to have people who love what they do around me. I am learning a lot from them and feel stronger because of the Iron that is around me.


Who are you surrounding yourself with? How are they stretching you? Are they pushing you towards your dreams and success? Or are they doing the same old shit they have always done?


Be someone who other people want to be around. Be dynamic! Make people remember how they felt when you were around. Smile! The difference a smile can make is life changing, positivity breeds positivity. Be the light in someone else’s world!


Don’t let others perceptions of how you should act and what you should do define your life. It’s YOUR life not theirs listen to what will make you better and let the other bull shit go. Spend time with sharp people who raise the level of expectations and challenge you to be great.


God will show you who needs to be removed from your life. Losing friends is often a blessing, missed opportunities are often closed doors because there is something better in store. Letting go of the things that no longer serve you is the first step to getting sharper and going to the next level.


Let go, be great, be around great people, smile, laugh and push others around you to strive for greatness and reach their dreams.