Randall Farmer

Pathfinder Program -Lincoln Public Schools

Lancaster County Youth Services

December 4, 2014

Grant Funding Opportunity

Men With Dreams

Lincoln, NE

To Whom It May Concern:

I have recently had the pleasure of working with the gentlemen from Men With Dreams.  They approached our Lincoln Public Schools education program in the Lancaster county juvenile detention center offering to work with our youth.  Through multiple meetings, a review of their philosophy and mission, their curriculum materials, and their own goals and personalities I was able to understand and appreciate what they are trying to accomplish. 

Men With Dreams provides honest, sincere, constructive support and advice for youth at-risk through role modeling, mentoring, instructing, and challenging (both mentally and physically) youth.  The youth choose to challenge themselves and work to analyze their own thinking based around the activities and discussions provided by Men With Dreams. 

The youth were engaged, and thinking, and taking risks to explore their own beliefs and plans in a positive and constructive way that was both safe and fun.  The challenging environment of a juvenile detention center makes it very difficult for a youth to “drop their guard” and open up to honest appraisal and thoughts.  Men With Dreams created that experience across the board with all different types of youth.  Their materials are solid, their delivery is solid, but most importantly there is a real genuineness to their work, a real honesty and caring that students recognize immediately.  They provide exceptional youth work.

I give my highest recommendation to Men With Dreams and the work they do and would encourage any support possible for them to continue their work.


Randall Farmer

Educational Director