Five seconds left on the clock, Duane Thomas brings the ball up the court. He fakes right, he fakes left, he pulls up for a Hail Mary for the game winner, and he hits it at the buzzer!!!! The Chicago Bulls win their second title in two years.


Every kid that plays basketball dreams of hitting that shot in the finals, but everyone doesn’t get a chance to play or even make it to the NBA. Out of 10,000 high school players, only two or three will ever get the chance to play in the NBA. That’s one of my dreams, but a basketball scholarship would be my ticket to college so I can become a civil rights attorney.


I want to help people who aren’t getting treated fairly due to the way they look and what they believe. A civil rights attorney will need the following.


“Civil rights attorneys must have a bachelor’s degree and a juris doctor law degree. Anyone who wishes to work in this area must develop a resume that shows their level of commitment to their cause. In law school, they should try to take as many courses as possible in constitutional law. Civil rights firms prefer a candidate that has a lot of knowledge on one particular issue, rather than smattering of many different issues. It is advisable before getting a job to serve as a volunteer for some firm.”


My jobs as a civil rights attorney will be, “ Civil rights attorneys help protect people against discrimination and harassment because of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation and other dispositions. They also help protect freedoms of privacy, expression and speech and religion, amongst other freedoms. Many times a person becomes a civil rights attorney because they are passionate about protecting the rights of one particular group. They therefore specialize in one issue or some cluster of issues. The job of the civil rights attorney is to apprise individuals of their rights in a particular area and pursue a monetary award from any offending individuals or groups. This type of case is a civil suit. Some of what lawyer jobs such as this entail are the following: Presenting cases to judges and juries, formulating legal briefs, investigating legal data and negotiating settlements of legal disputes.”


I will be getting paid, “Attorney jobs in this field can be in the private sector or the public sector. Those in the public sector are competitive to get. The salary range for civil rights lawyers is between $69,000 and $145,000. As with any lawyer position, the salary rises with experience.”


I’m going to become a civil rights attorney because I’m hard working and determined. I’m going to put in the time to become what I want and not what others want me to be.


-Duane Thomas Seventh Grader Culler Middle School