When you hear “diamond in the rough” what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?


For me it’s the lump of coal that after years of being overlooked and unimportant reveals it’s true colors. These colors are the brightest in the world, they shine so bright because of the pain that the coal went through made it strong. This diamond’s edges are jagged and rough it hasn’t been cut like the other diamonds.


My story is not one of walking within that limits that many place on their lives. Mine is a story of possibility and victory through trails and tribulation. Think of your story and how many times you made it through tough times to accomplish your goal.


Each one of us is that diamond in the rough, but what happens if we choose not to shine. Then we settle for rough! We settle for low graduation rates, poverty, incarceration and a below average future. Instead of embracing the greatness that stares us in the face everyday.


Lincoln is a place where people should thrive not just survive. That’s what I want for the place that raised me and made me what I am today. I want every kid to understand that they don’t have to settle for the rough. It takes a community that lets these kids know that they deserve to thrive and that they were built to shine.


I see people everyday who I grew up with and who are settling for less than they are capable of. I don’t understand why they choose not to believe in themselves or why they continue to work jobs that don’t stimulate them. I can’t allow the kids growing up to feel this way or fall into the trap of good enough.


They deserve diamonds not rough! They deserve the best not just good enough!


Men With Dreams directly invests in Lincoln’s, Nebraska’s and this nation’s future long term by creating an environment of excellence, personal significance and achievement for our youth. Your support makes you a part of making dreams come true and saves a family from the rough.