MwD is one year old now and I take major pride in that fact. When I look back and I think about where this business was a year ago it is mind blowing how much different it is. This business has challenged me more in its first year of existence more then anything else that has challenged me before. It has tested some of my friendships, put stress on my personal life, murdered my finances, and I have found myself in some rough situations. On the other side of this it has also opened doors for me that I would have never thought possible. I have learned a ton about business and myself, I have gotten to go on trips, meet amazing people, change lives, and build my faith in God. For the most part I have loved every moment of my journey and I wouldn’t trade it in for anything else.

Everyday brings something new. I never know what to expect day after day and that keeps me alert and on my toes. There is no set schedule, nowhere that I HAVE to be unless I want to and my success depends on the effort I am willing to put in. With all the stressful aspects to starting a business there are those moments that mean more to me then anything. We did our first programs last year at Culler and North Star the progress that our youth made in that first 6 weeks was amazing. They became motived because they believed what we were saying and that was they can be and do anything. Their motivation helped me make it through the hard moments myself where I didn’t believe in myself and I was ready to give up but couldn’t give up on them. Then what made it all even better was when we came back to the school for the second year and they say us for the first time it was a joy to see the excitement that they had and how fired up they were to get started again. That excitement and joy that they demonstrated is priceless to me, and it is what keeps us working so hard.

At the end of the day I know I will be taken care of as long as I keep my values pure and my heart in the right place. MwD was created for the purpose of building the community and as long as I can continue to that I know I will be taken care of at the end of the day. My problems, my stress, and anything else I am struggling with I have the ability to put in God’s hands so I can continue to focus on the ultimate goal. Seeing youth walk across the stage at graduation, seeing one get out of a correctional center and accepted back into school, hearing what their goals and dreams are, or just witnessing that moment when their face light up when they realize I CAN DO THIS…. Is the true meaning of what MwD’s vision is all about.