Hey Everyone!  

My name is John Kingston. Preston and Brandon take me back to High School football, freshman year. They were both big, burly, upperclassmen who probably intimidated most of us pubescent boys trying to show our worth on the gridiron. They were loud, hungry, and like most upperclassmen; much, much, much, stronger than us. If they so desired, pushing us around would have been child's play. But something set these two apart from the other guys we were surrounded by. They weren’t your typical jock who had to make their presence known by establishing a grimacing dominance. They weren’t there to single anyone out just for fun. And they certainly weren’t there to just “play football”. These guys were on a mission. The mission to become the best they could be while leading others to do the same.

For me, they had been the guys I looked up to. Not only that, but they were guys I could even talk to as a measly freshman. This wasn’t just on the football field, they had inviting spirits even in the building. Certainly, they didn’t have to, but it was in the blood to do so.

Unfortunately, Brandon was a senior while I was a freshmen so I only had the chance to be around this leader for one year. But, I was blessed enough to have a whole ‘nother season and school year to learn and grow under another true leader, Preston. I can go back to those days as a sophomore and relic on how much of an influence he was on me and my teammates. There wasn’t a day of practice where he showed up without a smile on his face. And more importantly, revved up to drive his teammates and himself to greatness!

Now fast forward eight years... The same thing is going on today!

I am currently in my second full week on the ‘Freight Train’ and in the MwD office. So far, it has been nothing short daring inspiration, extreme dedication, and just straight up fun!

After returning from my so called “sabbatical”, I knew I needed to surround myself with like-minded people who are on a mission to first; help serve and change our community and secondly; to help change the world! These qualities are what attracted me to reach out to these beyond extraordinary individuals here at MwD.

Not only have I been exposed to the direct impact made at schools and in the community, but it has pushed me to further my limits as a human individual! It’s not just in me, or even the youth. It is something I see in everyone involved with MwD.

Needless to say, the energy is relentless! I can’t exactly explain it, but it feels like there is a complementary surge flowing through all of us. We are held accountable by all, yet without the dictation of any.

My experience thus far, although young, has been a true blessing. It has shown me things of myself that I had yet thought possible. It has brought along new and beautiful opportunities. And it has turned my plentiful fuel of light into a unsurmountable, raging bonfire.

As I sit here finishing up this post, I am filled with energy and excitement thinking about what is to come.  We have a dream, we are on a mission and the ‘Freight Train’ will not stop!

...unless it’s a school, community center, or anyone who is looking to help us build the leaders of tomorrow! ;)